Yet another time, the free people of Egypt have risen against the Evil Pharaoh and his entourage; and so they take to the streets and public squares, all under one banner: down with the regime and down with the president!

The Egyptian People , who have suffered the worst forms of oppression under the regimes of Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak for the last forty years, are now mature enough and able enough to move mountains if necessary in order to achieve their legitimate demands.

This is particularly true since they have tried on several occasions during the last year through holding more than 200 strikes, demonstrations, and protests, to tell their deaf and un-caring rulers that the living conditions have become unbearable as a result of soaring unemployment, abject poverty, forced redundancies, ridiculously low wages, extremely high prices and institutionalized corruption. However, as usual, the only response they received from the regime was additional terrorizing, more oppression and more arrests!

The Lebanese Communist Party reasserts, yet again, its solidarity with the uprising of the people of Egypt, with its workers, its youth, and its intellectuals, against the regime’s attempts of oppressing the people on the one hand, and diluting their demands on the other hand. Indeed our party views the formation of the new government as a desperate and futile attempt to improve the image of a collapsing and crumbling regime – a regime that is collapsing despite the unquenching support that it has received from the US and Israel in the last few days.

Our party also views the importation of ‘dignitaries’ with American and Israeli affiliation; the polishing-up of the image of certain ministers soiled with corruption; and the show of force of the MIG 16 and the secret service as futile attempts – particularly so since the Egyptian masses have shown that they have learnt the lessons of the Tunisian Intifada, and as such have demonstrated a high degree of awareness and a rigorous level of organization which prevented the regime from successfully implementing any of its ploys.

The Lebanese Communist Party views the Intifada of the Egyptian people, straight after the Intifada of the Tunisian people, as laying the basis for a new Arab era – an era where democracy and social justice can flourish side-by-side with the confrontation of imperialist plots which the United States and Israel have tried to perpetuate with the help of their puppets, the so-called moderate Arabs, the Arabs of concessions as expressed by the conference of Sharm-El-Sheikh and other shameful Arab conferences and summits.

Our party calls upon the Lebanese people, and at the forefront of which its young men and women, to intensify their solidarity with the Egyptian uprising, exactly as their fathers and mothers expressed their solidarity with the June Revolution of 1952. For today, it is the Unity of the Arab people that can launch the new Arab era!

Beirut – 1st February 2011

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party