By Ajama Baraka and Bahman Azad

Co-Chairs of  the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee


Even with the Embassy Protectors forced to defend themselves with one hand tied behind their backs by the judge, the state’s case against them was too weak to win a conviction of the Protectors last week in Federal court.

After deliberating more hours than the actual trial itself, the jury was hopelessly deadlocked and communicated to the judge that more time was not going to result in a unanimous decision. After instructing the jury to continue deliberating, the judge finally acknowledged the obvious and declared a mistrial, and instructed the defense and prosecution to return to court February 28th.

While the mistrial represents a temporary victory for the defense, it is imperative for the public and our supporters to understand that the state has not given up on this case. The Protectors are looking at the real possibility of having to fight for their freedom all over again.

That is why we are coming back to you. We cannot let up with our fundraising efforts. In fact, we must intensify our efforts. The state must see that the Protectors have the resources to mount a defense, even within the narrow legal constraints imposed on them by the judge.

Having raised over $70,000 and expended most of that on legal fees so far, we must raise another $30,000 by the date of the next hearing February 28th in case the state decides to put them on trial one more time.

So, we come to you once again. Please click here and give generously. But also, pass on this appeal and ask your friends, relatives, comrades, everyone who believes that it is important to resist the illegality of the Trump Administration’s efforts in this case.

We can meet this goal. And judging from the results of the first trial, if the Protectors have the resources to defend themselves, they just might be able to beat back this unfair and unjust attempt to squish dissent.

Help us.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your generous and active support. For all of you who have given, we say thank you and forgive us for having to ask again. And for those who might not have given yet, we say now is the time. If this righteous fight is not worthy of your support, what is?

We can win. But it will take all of us to stand with the Protectors — help them and us to make history!