While I was preparing a reflection about McCain’s relationship with the anti-Cuban terrorist mafia in Miami and other related subjects of historical interest, fresh news was flowing about this character that is being projected by the empire’s hawks as Bush’s replacement: his visit to Colombia and Mexico which will begin tomorrow. It is not possible to avoid them since they confirm the opinions we have sustained.


“McCain will be in Colombia for two days, starting tomorrow on Tuesday, and then he will travel to Mexico”, the Panamanian newspaper La Prensa informs us.


“The United States Fourth Fleet returns to patrol Latin American waters”, Clarín, the Argentine newspaper with largest circulation, publishes; “this time under the command of Rear Admiral Joseph Kernan. Kernan who, up till now has been Commander of Naval Special Warfare Command, has a background that is rather worrying”, the newspaper comments. “The naval officer belongs to the Navy SEALs, an elite commando team made up of men chosen for the toughest of special operations, trained to act in the jost adverse and challenging conditions. They were in action in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The choice of Kernan to command the Fourth Fleet, according even to the Pentagon’s own admission, is absolutely unusual…” “Furthermore, with this decision, the Southern Command reaches the same level of importance as the Central Command operating in the Persian Gulf with the U.S. Fifth Fleet”.

“What reason could the United States have to send such a powerful naval force to a region in peace, without nuclear power, without any real military conflicts or threats?·, the newspaper wonders. “They are never going to admit that it is because of natural resources, but it is no coincidence that this decision comes up just when a structural change in world economy is beginning, where reserves of fresh water, food and energy resources take on a position of important strategic value”, replies Professor Khatchik Der Ghougassian of the Argentine University of San Andrés, an expert on security issues.


The professor adds that “they do not hide the enormous importance of the oceans of the southern Western Hemisphere and they admit that this will increase their capacity for action since the U.S. Fourth Fleet will be supervising ships and aircraft, including both civilian and commercial navigating south of the United States.”


“James Stavridis, the current Commander of the Southern Command”, Clarín continues, “added drug trafficking, the fight on terror and the possibility to respond to the massive migration of refugees from countries such as Haiti or Cuba. James Stevenson, Commander of the United States Naval Forces Southern Command, specified that his vessels would even reach the extensive system of rivers in South America, navigating more in fresh waters than in the traditional salt waters. In other words, they shall have a vast control of the Latin American hinterland.


“United States Naval Forces Southern Command carries out social activities such as the distribution of food or medical supplies that would allow them to convince the U.S. Congress that such penetration is justified”, the Argentine newspaper adds.


El Universal of Mexico, under the headline “John McCain will go from the Basilica to Iztapalapa”, writes:


“John McCain will travel to Mexico not just to makes politics. Or perhaps not just party politics. The Republican candidate will visit the Basilica of Guadalupe. He will also tour one of the tough neighbourhoods in Mexico City.”


“The visit McCain will make to Colombia and Mexico has had his team of collaborators working overtime, even on weekends”, the newspaper comments. “On Saturday night an event that had been planned as a farewell reception for the closing ceremony of the conference of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (known as NALEO in English), turned into a discussion roundtable about the scope of his trip to Latin America…he would be getting up early to do an interview with a Televisa news program.  Then he would head to the northern part of the city where a half-hour visit to the Basilica of Guadalupe is scheduled…he would attend a luncheon with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico. Later he would be meeting with Mexican and American businessmen…he would end the day with a visit to the Iztapalapa neighbourhood where he would be briefed about strategies to fight organized crime and support community harmony.”


Amidst a torrent of comments relating to the Republican candidate, 52,521 people with more than a million dollars live in South Florida, according to the latest detailed report by an important research firm. Aljost all the capital came from Latin America.


McCain, not known to be a piously religious man, thinks that by offering a prayer at the Basilica of Guadalupe he will fool Catholics, Protestants, whites, blacks, Indians and mestizos in the countries where, by contrast, extreme poverty grows on a daily basis.


Today the front page of Granma reads: “U.S. airline fined for violating blockade against Cuba”, while a Mexican press agency refers to some 57 thousand Cubans arriving in that country between 2005 and 2007. It is well known that 20 thousand Cubans of all ages, except those fulfilling some inescapable social duty, are legally authorized each year to emigrate to that country; they travel safely, both the children and the adults have received education and are in good health. With the aim of family reunification, Cuba supports this sacrifice.


Those who have been enticed by the cynical Cuban Adjustment Act do so directly or through third countries, either secretly or under some legal cover; not only are they committing a despicable lack of ethics but they are depriving our peoples’ economy of their specialists and qualified workers. It is an outrageous brain drain and it takes away our productive members; our homeland, in its heroic struggle, must fight this with determination.


I shall publish the reflection I prepared earlier some other day.  It is worthwhile to know the real story.