August 17, 2023


Caracas, August 11, 2023 – The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) rejects the infamous campaign of manipulation undertaken by propaganda laboratories financed by the Government to make public opinion believe that our organization has some kind of political or electoral alliance with the citizen María Corina Machado.

These crude maneuvers are not an isolated fact, but are part of a chain of “false flags” aimed at justifying the assault plan executed by the leadership of the Government-PSUV with the objective of legally intervening in the PCV and subordinating it to their interests.

It is public knowledge that the Communist Party of Venezuela has repeatedly condemned the political actions of María Corina Machado as an agent of the interests of imperialism in Venezuela. It is also known throughout the country that the permissive conduct of the Government of President Nicolás Maduro has fostered a generalized picture of impunity favorable to the operators of foreign intervention plans against our people, as well as to the criminals who have plundered the assets of the nation, such as Juan Guaidó and Tarek El Aissami, among others.

The PCV not only has irreconcilable ideological and political differences with María Corina Machado but with any of the tricksters who try to unload on the shoulders of the broad popular majorities the weight of this crisis while they fill their pockets. It is precisely because we are facing the shameless pact between the Government-PSUV and the right-wing opposition that the administration of Nicolás Maduro has resorted to this new campaign of slander. However, the people know that in this they are also lying.

In view of the events occurred in the state of Trujillo and the shameful call of Governor Gerardo Márquez to “kick out” all those who oppose the anti-worker and anti-popular policies of the PSUV-Government, we reiterate our demand for the opening of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

We call attention to these hate campaigns led by different members of the leadership of the Government-PSUV who irresponsibly promote scenarios of political violence, putting at risk the lives of social and political activists in Venezuelan territory.

Márquez’s statements are not only far from the democratic conduct that should characterize a governor or any state official, but also feed a false polarization that has nothing to do with the genuine aspirations of the majority of the country that today face a monumental deterioration of their living conditions as a result of the capitalist crisis, the coercive measures of imperialism and the neoliberal policies of President Nicolás Maduro.

Let the Venezuelan working people and the revolutionary forces of the world know that the Communist Party of Venezuela will not take a step back in its unrestricted defense of our right to live in dignity. We will continue to advance in the regroupment of social, political, workers, peasants, communal and popular forces, that identify themselves with a patriotic, authentically democratic and revolutionary project to find a way out of the Venezuelan capitalist crisis.

We continue to show our face!