THE U.S. Interests Section in Havana continues to function as the general staff in charge of implementing the government’s policy of subversion toward Cuba, which has as one of its principal goals the fabrication of an opposition movement challenging the legitimate Cuban government and fomenting internal destabilization, in order to provoke a ‘regime change’ in the country.

As has been previously denounced, over the last years, the Interests Section has continued to carry out illegal activities, which are far removed from the accepted functions of a diplomatic mission. Its personnel are promoting, advising, instructing, training, financing and supplying their mercenaries with technology.

Diplomats from this office continually incite these individuals, who respond to the interests of the U.S. government against Cuba in exchange for monetary compensation, to carry out provocative activities, mount media campaigns distorting the country’s reality and to challenge Cuba’s constitutional order.

In its attempt to play a decisive role in the impossible task of turning these mercenaries into a credible internal opposition movement, the Interests Section channels funds from the U.S. budget and government financed material aid to support the internal subversion business.

In its efforts to interfere in Cuba’s internal affairs, the Interests section has gone so far as to assume training tasks, establishing illegal internet connections and networks to provide training and offer courses to people, with the objective of their acting against the interests of the Cuban state in a flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Cuban law and the very agreement which led to the establishment of the Interests Sections.

In Cuba, as in many countries, the agreement of the Cuban state and the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education are required to impart educational programs or offer courses. Authorization and an operating license from the Ministry of Information, Technology and Communications are also needed to provide Internet service.

The Interests Section has no such permission to provide these services, which it does without the consent of Cuban authorities, making them illegal.

It is unacceptable and cynical that the type of programs promoted by the Interest Section, which are moreover incompatible with the purpose of a diplomatic mission, are undertaken by the country which by law, and according to decisions made by its government, maintain an openly hostile policy and blockade meant to defeat and destroy the Revolution, which, among other effects, restricts educational, cultural, academic, scientific and sporting exchanges between the two countries and prevents Cuba from accessing the dozens of underwater Internet cables which surround the island.

There is undisputable evidence that the illegal activities undertaken by the Interest Section are financed by official U.S. government funds, millions of dollars of which are allocated annually by the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development, in virtue of section 109 of the Helms-Burton Act, which has as its explicit objective a change in Cuba’s political, economic and social system.

These subversive actions, in addition to the tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade, the increasingly vindictive attacks on Cuban financial transactions, and the utilization of new pretexts to avoid Cuba’s proposal to hold a serious, respectful dialogue between the two countries based on equal terms, which Cuba has reiterated, demonstrate that the current U.S. administration is not truly committed to moving beyond the worst Cold War practices and policies, nor has it curtailed efforts to force our country to submit to its demands.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces the illegal, interventionist, offensive and provocative actions of the U.S. Interests Section and demands an end to its continual incitement of actions intended to subvert the constitutional order which the Cuban people have legitimately and freely chosen.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates that Cuba will not leave itself open to intervention and will use all legal means available to defend the sovereignty it has won and ensure that the people and laws of Cuba are respected.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement

November 2, 2012