The Statement by TKP (Communist Party of Türkiye) Central Committee after the Second Round of the Presidential Elections:

May 29, 2023


The results of the second round of the Turkish presidential elections have been largely finalized. Of course, it cannot be said that what emerged as the outcome of the elections, which were supposed to determine the fate of Turkey, is a hope for a bright future.

The people’s political rights have been abolished; the right to strike was taken away.

The possibilities of people to get organized have been usurped, 

The determination to struggle was broken by the unity of the government and the opposition.

In other words, was it even possible for the people, who were in many ways disarmed, to succeed against this great darkness?

Against a government that for 20 years had maintained its power through oppression of the working class and the poor, through attacks on the values of the republic, could any victory be won without touching the pillars on which that dark power had risen, without calling for secularism, without calling for independence, without calling for nationalization?

Erdoğan’s defeat was a real possibility. If this possibility did not materialize, the reason should not be sought in Erdoğan’s invincibility, but in the opposition’s political style that deforms and disfigures the anti-Erdoğan stance of people. Forces representing workers cannot triumph in a political atmosphere paralyzed by being confined to the ballot box.

Hope does not fit in the ballot box. Those who are trying to squeeze the struggle of this people into the ballot box should shut up from now on! 

Let us remind again that Erdoğan is weak and doomed to be defeated. As long as our people have the self-confidence to stand up as they did ten years ago (*2013-Gezi Resistance).

The Communist Party of Türkiye calls on the working people to organize in the ranks for secularism, independence and socialism not only against the AKP government but also against all bourgeois solutions and fake oppositions. There is no room for pessimism. 

This country is ours and we will surely be victorious!

Communist Party of Türkiye (TKP)

Central Committee