Editor’s  Note:  The Marxism-Leninism Today website collective recently received the following urgent correspondence from the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). We are providing the entire letter we received in English. Plus a link at the end of the letter to a recent PCV video.


Dear Comrades

Receive fraternal greetings.

As you may know, the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) has finally initiated the process of judicial intervention of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV).

Last Monday, July 10, 2023, a group of people who are not members of our party, following instructions and script of the Psuv leadership, went to the Supreme Court of Justice to request the judicial intervention of the PCV.

The Psuv’s anti-communist escalation in Venezuela is getting worse.

We enclose a letter from our Political Bureau of the Central Committee explaining the latest facts and their course of development.

We hope it is useful information to understand what is happening, however, we are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

Best regards

Hector Alejo Rodriguez

Secretary of International Relations of the CC-PCV

Caracas, July 12, 2023




Caracas, July 12, 2023

Update on the anti-communist plan of judicial intervention and usurpation of the legal
status of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)

To the Communist and Workers’ Parties and revolutionary forces of the world:

Fraternal communist greetings.


Dear comrades, in this letter we want to inform you about the advance of the anti-communist plan of judicial intervention and usurpation of the legal status of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) that the leadership of the government of President Nicolás Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) are carrying out, as well as to respond to thecampaign of infamies fabricated by their propaganda laboratories.

Last Monday, July 10, the leadership of the government- PSUV decided to take the most important step to materialize their assault on the PCV: they ordered a mercenary group at their service to go to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) with the purpose of requesting the legal outlawing of the PCV.

With a set-up that counted on the financial, logistical and political support of the government, people alien to the PCV but dressed-up with our symbols and colors, went to the TSJ to formalize the request to declare the nullity of the XVI National Congress of the PCV, held from November 3 to 5, 2022, and to demand the appointment of an ad hoc leadership made up of PSUV officials that since last February have been posing as communist members.

This was an illegal script and format similar to the one applied against the leftist parties Patria para Todos, Tupamaros and some other right wing opposition organizations, with the big difference that in the case of the PCV they use people who do not belong to our organization.

As evidenced in the media and social networks, the gigantic logistical and communicational deployment for this false flag interference proves the total responsibility of the leadership of the Government- PSUV as its intellectual authors and material support. People (PSUV militants and public officials) were mobilized in buses belonging to state institutions and posed as members of the PCV. The most revealing aspect was the wide media coverage, in quantities only mobilized by the Government, the PSUV or the right wing opposition.

The denunciations and warnings made since last year by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the PCV have been fulfilled. The PSUV leadership has ignored calls for common sense and to respect the political rights of the PCV. On the contrary, its arrogance, arrogance and anti-communism have won the day.

They could not and will not be able to bend the dignity of our members

The social-democratic leadership of the PSUV failed in all its attempts to corrupt the revolutionary conscience of our militancy and to break the internal unity of the Party. It has collided with a solid wall of dignity.

With all their power, pressures and offers of money and positions to try to break our organization, they did not succeed in dragging a single member of the PCV or JCV youth to their treasonous plan. We have given a resounding political and moral defeat to their bourgeoispractices of trying to put a price on the conscience of our membership.

There is no division in the PCV: it is a set-up paid for by the PSUV

In the face of the communications campaign of lies and manipulations that some malicious and cowardly people are echoing, we want to ratify that there is no division in the Communist Party of Venezuela. The PCV is united and solidly cohesive around the Political Line unanimously approved in the XVI National Congress held in November 2022.

This group that requests that the TSJ intervene into the PCV are not members of our ranks. They are people organized and paid by the PSUV leadership. We have shown you in the dossier sent recently the origin and political affiliation of each one of these characters that pretend to be members of the “grassroots of the PCV”. It has also been demonstrated that the main executor of this set-up is the Vice-President of the PSUV Diosdado Cabello.

The PSUV uses the powerful communication apparatus of the State, together with its own media, dirty war laboratories and profuse network of media collaborators to sell the idea that the policy of the PCV, ratified by the XVI Congress, of confronting the neo-liberal adjustment of the government of President Nicolás Maduro, has divided the Communist Party.

They desperately repeat that supposed “grassroots of the PCV” support Maduro and oppose the decisions of our Congress with the Goebbelian illusion that someday their lies will become truth.

The reality is that the XVI National Congress of the PCV, which involved the development of the branches, local, and regional conferences, did not register a single proposal of support to the policies of the government of Nicolás Maduro at any level of the process. On the contrary, after the flagrant violation by the PSUV leadership of the PSUV-PCV Unitary Framework Agreement, signed in February 2018, and the definitive turn of the government economic policy towards neoliberalism, dismantling social conquests and destroying labor rights, the determination of the whole Party to advance in a policy of independent accumulation of forces aimed at building a revolutionary alternative against the betrayal of the PSUV, was deepened.

To the extent that the government and the PSUV have radicalized their anti-national and anti-worker package, with their criminal policies of destruction of wages and labor rights, criminalization of union struggles, privatization of public enterprises, concessions to the US and European oil monopolies, dollarization of the economy, transfer of wealth and all kinds of guarantees to the capitalists, together with the deepening of corruption and ethical decomposition in their ranks, our Party strengthens its conviction in the correctness of our political line.

The whole Party is solidly united in the policy of confronting the anti-popular turn of the Maduro government and much more in the defense of its political instrument against the threat of illegalization that the class enemy is trying to materialize.

You may ask yourselves, how is it possible that people who are not members of the PCV can request before the courts the annulment of the XVI Congress and its legal intervention? This can only be explained by the authoritarian drift and the abuse of power of the government and the PSUV leadership. It is convincing proof of how they use their omnipotent control over the public powers of the State to impose their particular political interests, committing all kinds of illegalities outside the Constitution and the laws that contemplate the democratic freedoms conquered by the working class.

The Venezuelan experience confirms the teachings of past processes that also began with a progressive and anti-imperialist content. The polyclass and social reformist character of the leading forces sooner or later end up betraying popular aspirations and serving as a vehicle for the imposition without resistance of measures at the service of capital. This is the historical role of social democracy, which is also fulfilled today by the PSUV.

In the Venezuelan case, the crisis of dependent-rentier capitalism, aggravated by the criminal and illegal unilateral imperialist coercive measures, led to the strengthening of the bourgeois and anti-communist currents of the PSUV, generating the profound decomposition we see today. The PSUV just one more party of the bourgeois system that strives to convince the business sectors and the imperialist powers that they are a reliable guarantor for their interests. The intention to legally neutralize the PCV, together with the fierce persecution and criminalization of the workers’ struggles, are concrete expressions of the character of the government of Nicolás Maduro as a gendarme at the service of the interests of the business sectors.

On the alleged alliance of the PCV with the ultra-right and imperialism

Another of the big lies spread by the propaganda laboratories of the government to whitewash its anti-communism is the alleged support of the PCV to the ultra-right and the false accusation of links with imperialism.

These infamies are not new; since 2020 the Government has been trying to present the dissociation of the PCV as a subordination of the communists to the plans of imperialism. High-ranking representatives of the PSUV even went so far as to assert, in a malicious and irresponsible manner, that the PCV received financing from the United States.

Recently, a press conference of the Political Bureau of the PCV in which it rejected the illegal practice of political barring by administrative entities such as the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, was manipulated and presented as a support to the candidacy of the extreme right-wing oppositionist María Corina Machado.

To this dirty maneuver was added a statement made by a nefarious character of the Venezuelan right wing named Luis Ratti -today at the service of the PSUV- who alleged that the PCV had received money from María Corina Machado.

They also took an interview given by comrade Oscar Figuera, in his capacity as general secretary and national lawmaker, to a human rights NGO named PROVEA as “irrefutable” proof of the alleged alliance of the PCV with the ultra-right wing.

However, the PCV has been clear about the role of María Corina Machado in the imperialist aggressions against our people. Furthermore, we have shown that political barring is nothing more than a mechanism used by the government-PSUV to curtail political rights and that the main ones affected by these unconstitutional maneuvers in the last regional elections were not the reactionary parties but the PCV, which had more than ten candidates arbitrarily disqualified.

It is evident that there is a pact of immunity between the government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros and these groups protected by the government of the United States. All Venezuelan people know that Juan Guaidó, Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma left the country in agreement with the government; and that María Corina Machado is not judged because of the existing pact between elites.

Nor is the alliance of the government of Nicolás Maduro with the main Federation of Venezuelan business sectors (Fedecámaras), responsible for the employers’ strike of 2002, enemy of the working class, financier of all destabilization attempts in the country, a secret; equally, the government’s sell-out pacts with the US oil company Chevron; Maduro’s meetings with the CIA and emissaries of the US government; much less the images of the cordial relations of important officials of the PSUV with members of the ultra-right, among them with María Corina Machado herself.

On the policy of the PCV

We reiterate that the Communist Party of Venezuela has a clear policy of confrontation with this pact between elites, and therefore of struggle against the two blocs of the bourgeoisie expressed in the parties of the traditional right wing on the one hand, and in the sectors of capital represented by the PSUV, on the other.

Our line is the construction of an alternative for the working class and the oppressed popular strata and to promote the regroupment of all the forces that resist and fight against the neo-liberal adjustment.

In this sense, we make it clear that the PCV does not propose any alliance with sectors of the traditional right wing, and even less with the right wing of the PSUV. Our efforts are aimed at the construction of a new political reference point for the revolutionary forces in Venezuela.

The success that this policy is having, product of the radicalization of the attacks against the rights of the working class by the Government, the corruption and the abysmal social inequality, is one of the causes behind the plans of the leadership of the Government-PSUV to prosecute the PCV. They want to neutralize the workers and popular struggles, and prevent these from taking shape in a political grouping, independent of the false polarization of the two bourgeois blocs.

What is next in the PSUV’s plan of assault the PCV?

The next step in the assault plan is for the government to order the Supreme Court of Justice to issue a sentence to formalize the intervention and hand over the party to the political operators of the PSUV.

You may be reluctant to believe that this could happen in a “progressive and anti-imperialist administration”, but the reality is that similar precedents already exist with other parties, and recently, these same courts issued an illegal constitutional injunction in favor of the state steel company Sidor that violates the constitutional rights of the workers to union organization and struggle and served as a legal basis to justify the kidnapping and imprisonment of two union leaders of said company.

This measure in fact would mean the illegalization of the political action of the real PCV; the impossibility of running candidates and would create the legal conditions to intensify the criminalization and persecution of the communist leaders and members in Venezuela.

From the PCV we will continue to fight for the defense of the political and democratic rights of the Communist Party, both nationally and internationally.

The illegalization of the PCV only benefits the bourgeoisie, the anti-communist forces and imperialism. The PSUV and the government of Nicolás Maduro will go down in the history of the country as the promoters of the fourth period of illegalization of the PCV and, at the same time, as promoters of a new attempt by the local bourgeoisie to destroy the Communist Party of Venezuela.

Comrades, we want to thank you for your solidarity and we give you full certainty that this new attempt to destroy the PCV will be victoriously overcome as it has been in the past together with the struggle of the workers and the exploited people.

Nobody destroys the PCV!

We will continue fighting and winning!

Political Bureau of the Central Committee
Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV)


NOTE: The letter in Spanish can be found at this link: http://www.solidnet.org/article/CP-of-Venezuela-Update-on-the-anti-communist-plan-of-judicial-intervention-and-usurpation-of-the-legal-status-of-the-Communist-Party-of-Venezuela-PCV/