Statement by the Commission on International Relations of the National People’s Power Assembly, Cuba

June 5, 2014

The US Government’s attempts to undermine Cuba’s sovereignty have not ceased. Episodes of media warfare have been occurring since the very triumph of the Revolution, more than five decades ago.

Illegal broadcasts began as early as March, 1960, aired by Radio Swan; these were followed by many hours of radio aggression which were embedded in the Voice of the Americas’ regular programming.

The infamy turned all the more outrageous in 1985, when the idea of naming a radio station – intended to grossly distort Cuba’s reality- after Cuba’s National Hero materialized. A few years later, the obsession to frustrate our independence led to the creation of a TV station that was equally named after José Martí.

Miami’s mercenary media has been at the avant-garde of so much indignity and its dreadful exercise of journalism reached its peak during the days of the rigged-up trial against our Five Anti-terrorist Heroes imprisoned in the US territory. The criminal work of the journalists who were paid by the US government had a notorious influence on the sentences pronounced by the judges.

Recent revelations made by the US media –among them the news reports published about the ‘Zunzuneo’ operation- confirm that the bets on the subversive warfare against Cuba are currently focused particularly on the younger generations and are characterized by the use of the predominant information and communications technologies.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an agency that is increasingly discredited all over the world, robbed the data banks of the Cuban telecommunications company ETECSA, with the purpose of creating a network to receive messages that, at some point in time, could be used to subvert our social order. It did so by using the public funds contributed by American taxpayers and hiding this criminal action behind shell companies based in third countries.

Cuba’s new inclusion in the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, as was decided by the rulers of the empire, is intended to justify the continued policy of hostility which chiefly resorts to economic and media warfare.

Given the persistence of the destabilizing plans that are being launched by the current White House administration, which is allocating tens of millions of dollars to such purposes, the Commission on International Relations of the National People’s Power Assembly of the Republic of Cuba condemns these aggressions and expresses its gratitude to several parliaments of the world and the parliamentarian friendship groups for condemning that policy, which violates the Cuban sovereignty, the US laws and the International Telecommunications Union regulations.

Havana, May 5, 2014.