By Carlos Aznárez

July 26, 2017

It is evident that the Venezuelan government was not mistaken when it decided to launch the voting process for the realization of a Constituent Assembly. Not only because it will implicitly involve a bigger participation of the popular sectors that keep pushing the Bolivarian train, but also because the national and international enemy has realized that this electoral move signifies the necessary step towards deepening the revolution. That is why they try to avoid it; from Donald Trump to his unconditional allies of the European Union, all of them demanded Maduro to cancel this strategic call. And to them we have to add the quartet of the Latin American right, Macri-Temer-Cartes-Santos, who did not save enough ammunition to contradict everything Venezuela has built in the last 18 years.

But, what bothers them most about the Constituent Assembly is that it is definitely going to happen? Mainly, that it proposes a peaceful solution and it waves the flag of reconfiguring a perspective of the national dialogue that is different to other processes contaminated by the bourgeois democracy, where the dialogue is only exercised with the “opposition”. Of course not one word shall be exchanged with those that have been exercising fascist behavior, indiscriminately murdering men and women of the nation, and whose destiny should be in a common prison.

The initiative to be voted massively on July 30 aspires to convert the local people, the commune inhabitants, the neighbors, the students, the farmers, those of African descent into being the main subjects of the new revolutionary era.

With all of them, who are the ones that keep struggling daily to sustain the huge conquests obtained since 1999, it is necessary to face radical measures that point to qualify even more the advancements achieved until now and sketching the necessary path towards socialism. This constituent assembly will never be able to substitute the current one thrusted forward by Hugo Chavez, but it will reaffirm its validity by incorporating substantial aspects to attack the terrorism, fascism and racism that in the last months were introduced as a virus which tried to undermine the social fraternity and solidarity bonds between inhabitants of the country. It will do this through the giving of powers to the Truth, Justice and Peace Commission so that non impunity exists before the crimes committed through destabilizing “guarimbas”.

The constituent assembly will also attack the roots of the economic war by ending the speculation, shortages, price regulations and the attacks on the national currency promoted from Colombia, which counts on the support of the local counter revolutionary  forces. Also, the idea of giving more power to the Communes and Communal Councils will be reinforced so that the bureaucracy does not delay the revolutionary growth any longer. In these popular bodies is where those that with their work and sacrifice generate the possibility for Venezuela to keep advancing.

This election also aims at a big part of the middle class which acquired people and Motherland consciousness through the Bolivarian process. It will be in that framework of popular unity where the advances will not just be defended but even more social missions, free access to health and education, freeing the nation of illiteracy or the construction of one million and a half houses will advance. All of that was achieved while resisting one of the biggest onslaughts of North American imperialism and its allies, the media and business terrorism which seeks to destroy through violence everything accomplished until now.

There is no doubt that this week a new chapter in the history of class struggle will be written. On one side, there are those who want to see Venezuela as an American dependant colony. The US, through the Southern Command and the CIA, has planned new strategies of external intervention (like they did on Syria) to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro. For that, they count on their OAS puppets and especially with its secretary Luis Almagro, the biggest promoter of treason to Our Motherland. This “opposition” would not be satisfied just by taking the government and its institutions, they in fact would deploy an epic backlash of genocide. They truly hate the poor, the “negroes”, the “zambos” or the “mulatos”, as the usually disrespectfully name them. That sector of the population that the Revolution has dignified. The opposition  would not hesitate to continue with the medieval methods of assassinating everyone who opposes them.

Many of Leopoldo Lopez and Capriles’ followers are heirs to the sect called “Tradition, Family and Property”, and they believe they are “crusaders” who must fight the “evil” of the Bolivarian “heretics”. In their rituals against the demons they carry crosses and are even blessed by priests or former presidents like Aznar, Felipe Gonzales, Pastrana or the Bolivian Tuto Quiroga. They are the revived inquisition of the XXI century, as cruel and fierce as the one that blighted Europe several centuries before. However, the European “democrats”, represented by El País, ABC or the rest of the scoundrel media, do not seem to think that this behavior is in the least bit bizarre.

This is why it is necessary to prevent the success of the objectives of this mercenary crowd. For that the people rely on a fundamental tool that until this moment has not been brought out and used and that is the military civilian unity promoted by Commander Chávez. But if it is necessary, there are also the popular militias, the Self Defense brigades, the Brave Chavism and the courage of women and men who are not willing to yield.

“There is no going back for us”, claimed an old woman in Caracas while waiting in an long line to participate in the election rehearsal. “Those who carry Chavez in their hearts, like me, will defend Maduro because he is one of us”. With those words this woman defined a feeling deeply embedded in the majority of the Bolivarians. It took a lot of effort to build these revolutionary processes. As much as the hate and pain the opposition is trying to inject in the population. We are certain that there is a lot to correct in the path we have chosen, but for those who only 2 decades ago were living in the misery and repression of the Fourth Republic, the Bolivarian Revolution gave them hope and all the rights that were taken from them. An advancement was achieved and it was transmitted to other countries of the continent and the rebound got to Europe. Precisely that part of the population, that is still in the vast majority, are the ones who will shout to the world that “the Constituent Assembly will happen in every way!”.

Source: The Dawn