Editors’ note: it may be difficult, not only for the young but the middle-aged as well, to appreciate the meaning, the scale, and the cost of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany.  On June 22, 1941 when the hitherto undefeated Nazi armies, 4-million strong, stormed over the border toward Moscow, conventional wisdom in Western ruling circles was that the USSR would quickly go down to defeat. Less than four years later, after 30 million deaths on both sides, no swastika flew over the Kremlin. The red flag flew over the Reichstag. Little wonder, then, the victory still stirs profound emotions. Seizure of the rich land of the Ukraine was a key goal of German imperialism. Below, leader of Communist Party of Ukraine, Pyotr Simonenko, salutes the Ukrainian people and war veterans on Victory Day.

Dear veterans!  Dear compatriots!  I heartily congratulate you on the Day of the Great Victory!

Sixty eight years have passed since that spring when Soviet soldiers hoisted the victorious Red Flag over the Reichstag. In the history of the twentieth century there has not been a more heroic and glorious event. It determined the evolution of mankind for many decades into the future. It left an indelible mark on the fate of the people of Ukraine, who placed on the Altar of Victory the lives of millions of its best sons and daughters.

There is probably no family in our country that, in those terrible years of the Great Patriotic War, did not have loved ones who died a heroic death on the battlefield, were tortured in the dungeons by the Gestapo, were killed by a bullet in the back by the cowardly followers of Bandera, or were deported to fascist captivity.

Defending the socialist Motherland and saving humanity from the brown horror, Ukrainians, together with other brotherly Soviet peoples, displayed miraculous courage and confidence in their own historical righteousnessd.

The Nazis did not take into account the most important thing. Setting foot on Soviet soil, for the first time in the history of world wars and battles, they faced a people who were ready to fight to the last drop of blood for their country, for their freedom!

From the first days of the war, at the time of defeats and victories, on all borders, on all fronts – on land and in the air, underground and in guerrilla groups, in the hinterland and in the enemy’s blockades, the Soviet Communists were in the forefront of the defense of the Fatherland. The only privilege of every Communist was the right to be the first to climb to the attack. To everyone – from private to marshal – applied equally the stern and righteous order of Stalin: "Not one step back!" Every second Communist who went to the front fell in battle for our Soviet Motherland.

Then, during that time of war, the Soviet people mastered the science of winning! They managed to create new weapons that overcame the power of the enemy! The persevered and won!

The Great Patriotic War amply demonstrated the advantages of the socialist planned economy, multiplied by the power of the spirit of the Soviet people. A society of patriots and internationalists, inspired by Lenin’s ideas and led by the Communist Party, could not be defeated by fascism.

Good is always stronger than evil!

It is not for nothing that May 9th is called "the holiday with tears in our eyes." After all, it embodies the sacred memory of the war in which our fighting comrades left into Eternity, and the admiration of their grandchildren at their unparalleled heroism, and the grief of their widows, once again re-reading the yellowed death notice. That inescapable grief that could not be drowned out the by the passing decades …

Victory Day is eternally dear to all patriots, all anti-fascists, all honest people. In truth, this is a people’s holiday. It is eternal!

Glorious veterans! There are no words that can express my admiration for your feat! It is immortal!

Thank you, for what you are!

The soldiers of victory do not cry. They are as proud and unbending as in 1945. But life is hard. Veterans’ wounds hurt and their hearts overflow with sorrow and anger when they see how nationalist scum blasphemously encroach on the graves of their military brothers, scoff at the historical truth, and mock the memory and valor of the fallen!

Heirs of the victors! Do not let the descendants of the traitors and fascist policemen steal the liberators’ victory in whose name they despised death, fighting for the future of their children and grandchildren!

Defend them from the indifference of the state, as they protected our future from fascism!

Do not let the new invaders and thieves steal away our gains, change our banners to eliminate our ideals, to suppress our will and desire for a better life!

And, on May 9th at the Victory Parades in the cities and villages, along with the Red Banner of Victory in the hands of each will be portraits of fathers and grandfathers who gave their lives during World War II, defending their socialist motherland from fascist barbarians, and those who do not live up to today’s Victory Day! And let this parade be a reminder to all: Our cause is just! Victory will be ours!

Glory to the Soviet soldier liberator!

Glory to the victorious Soviet people!

Glory to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War!

Eternal memory to the victims!

On Victory Day, dear veterans, good health and long life!

Peter Simonenko
First secretary Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine
Chairman of the Communist faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine