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History Lessons – Zoltan Zigedy

US Elections 2016

Who is on the Left?  – Margaret Kimberley

Rand Paul Makes More Sense Than the Democrats’ “Left” Champion – Glen Ford

Why Bernie Sanders is a Dead End – Joshua Frank

Shine a Light on the Decolonization Process

An Open Letter to UN Gen. Sec. Ban Ki-moon on Puerto Rico  – Jose Lopez Sierra

US Trade Unions and US Imperialism 

The Solidarity Center and Ukraine   – Bill Miller


The Economic Battle – Alfredo Mancilla; Laura Bécquer Paseiro


Israeli Defense Minister Threatens Nuclear War with Iran – Asa Winstanley

Free the Three

Campaign To Release Turkish Communists  – CP Turkey

A Giant of People’s Music

Mikis Theodorakis Honored on Ninetieth Birthday – CP Greece

Obstructing Latin American Integration 

The Dispute Between Chile and Bolivia – Carlos Aznarez

Colombian Peace Process 

Confronting Realities, Problems at Colombia Peace Talks  – W. T. Whitney, Jr

Communist Youth

Both a Militant Communist Youth and Sports Champion – David Moreno


Vuelve Cuba al Capitalismo? –



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Labor at the Crossroads? – Zoltan Zigedy

Colombia Peace Talks Advance in Havana

Report of US Delegation – Alliance for Global Justice 

On the Victory over Fascism, May 9, 1945

We Have the Right to be Marxist-Leninists – Fidel Castro

An All Too Rare Victory on Trade Policy

The Defeat of Fast Track Authority – Lori Wallach 

Honored by Socialist Cuba

MLT Editor Walter Tillow Recognized for Solidarity Work – The Editors

Dependent Politics

Bernie Sanders: Sheepdogging for Hillary – Bruce A. Dixon

Communists Meet in Eastern Ukraine

The Struggle Against Fascism – CP Greece 

2016 & The Antiwar Movement

Derail Hillary, Rand, and All the War Hawks – Wayne Nealis

Without a Stitch

Western Hypocrisy Goes Naked in the Middle East – Stephen Gowans 

Right-wing Social Democracy

What is Behind Michael Brie’s The Tragedy of Party Communism? – Roger Keeran and Joseph Jamison

Book Review

Tom Hayden’s Listen Yankee! – W. T. Whitney, Jr


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Capitalism, Environmental Crisis, and Socialism – Zoltan Zigedy


For Solidarity with the People of Venezuela  –  Communist Parties

Obama’s Legacy Set to Fail in Latin America – Eva Golinger

United Electrical Workers on Venezuela – UE Officers

Fidel Meets with Venezuelan Youth –  Alina Perera Robbio

Upcoming UN Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation 

Who Are the Nuclear Scofflaws? – Larry Wittner

Historic Summit of the Americas in Panama

Remarks of Cuban President Raul Castro

Brave April Days in Our America – W. T. Whitney, Jr

To Make Sure Black Lives Matter

For Black Community Control of the Police – Glen Ford

Canadian Labor Movement

An Historic Victory at York University – Sam Hammond


On the Imperialist Pyramid – CP Greece

Interview with Michael Parenti 

Michael Parenti on Politics and Academia – Carl Boggs

The Unknown Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra and the Popular Front – Gerald Meyer 

Book Review 

Van Gogh: a Power Seething – Mike Donovan