The World Peace Council (WPC) denounces in the strongest way the brutal aggression by Israeli Special Forces against the solidarity mission composed by six ships carrying humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people. The murderous operation of the Israeli government and its military took place in the International waters in front of the Palestinian Gaza Strip against civilians on board of the ships which tried to approach the Gaza ports.

The WPC condemns the military attack during which more than sixteen (16) civilians of different nationalities lost their lives and more than sixty (60) are injured. This massacre produced by the Israeli government proves once more the reactionary nature of the regime since decades, which denies not only the right of the Palestinian people to an independent state, but also the humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine suffering under occupation and aggressions like the one in 2008.

The World Peace Council expresses its solidarity with the Palestinian people in its just cause for the establishment of an independent State within the borders of 1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital. 

Likewise we express our solidarity to the peace loving forces inside Israel, who struggle side by side with the Palestinian people against the occupation of the Palestinian lands.

The recent action of Israel constitutes a crime of International dimension, since the Israeli aggression has the political support and toleration of the USA, the European Union and other imperialist structures.

The WPC expresses its deep concern for the escalation of the imperialist aggressiveness in the region and calls upon the peace-loving forces of the countries of the area to stay alerted and vigilant towards further attacks.