May 7, 2018
The march to a growing militarization and generalized imperialist war in the Middle East must be halted. The WPC condemns the recent provocative missile attack on Syria.
The confirmed missile attack on the evening of Sunday 29 April on a number of Syrian airbases has raised the tension massively in the Middle East.  According to “Tishreen”,  Syrian newspaper, quoted from sources claiming: “The recent attack on the headquarters in Aleppo and Hama provinces started from the British and American bases in northern Jordan, and nine ballistic missiles were fired in the attack”.
Although no country has formally taken responsibility for this act of aggression, the fingers are all pointing to the Israeli military as being behind it.  Just hours before the attack, Mike Pompeo, the new US Secretary of State, was visiting Israel before departing for the Saudi Arabia another warmonger country and advocate of the “New Middle East Plan”, the war of aggression against Iran as a means of changing the balance of forces in the region. 
The Trump administration is considering – based on its agreements with Israel and Saudi Arabia – to announce its withdrawal from the JCPOA (Nuclear Deal with Iran) or at least force a renegotiation with additional terms which will be detrimental to the Iranian side.  
Israel along with the US administration are fabricating new pretexts with regards to Iran’s nuclear activities, for the above purpose and neglecting the statement of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), made on Tuesday 1 May, that it has no evidence of Iran’s attempt to achieve nuclear weapons.  
The WPC believes that unless the plans by the US and its allies in the Middle East are not stopped in their tracks, the Persian Gulf Region and the whole Middle East will be in danger of being engulfed by war and destruction.  The WPC believes that in these critical conditions
it is its duty to call upon the forces of peace internationally to be vigilant and to mobilize public opinion globally against this military adventure directed from any quarters, defending peace in the Middle East.  The escalation of the aggressiveness of US imperialism and its allies will lead to a disaster for the peoples of the Middle East and would plunge the whole region into a generalized war and destruction.  It is our belief that all problems and disputes in the Middle East should be resolved through dialogue and negotiations in the context of the UN Charter and against the imperialist interference.
The WPC calls on all peace loving forces around the world to prioritise a campaign against the imperialist plans in the Middle East, preventing a regional conflict of global dimension.
The WPC believes that the struggle of the Iranian people and of all peoples of the region for peace with social justice and for peoples’ and democratic rights, will be undermined if we are not able to block the destructive policies of the US administration and its allies (e.g. NATO, EU, Israel, Saudi Arabia).  We call on the members and friends of the World Peace Council and all consequent and genuine peace organisations across the world to effectively mobilize public opinion against the start of a new imperialist war in the Middle East.  Our urgent action is vital!  Tomorrow will be too late!  Act NOW!