From Initiative Communiste, a publication of the  Pôle de Renaissance Communiste (PRCF)


Why the Protest Movement of the Masses Needs a Communist Party


By Jean-Pierre Combe


December 7, 2018


For several presidential terms, those who govern us have really adopted the mentality of those who governed the monarchy of the Old Regime. They show it ceaselessly by their behavior, which is  more and more cynical and more and more harsh. The Macron government proves that the mentality of monarchy fits perfectly with the foreign political culture of the United States.

It is not surprising that this evolution in the practice of our government has united against it the women and men whom the bourgeoisie believed were permanently divided from each other by the ideology that dominates our country.

It is not surprising that this Yellow Vest movement of the united people would raise demands against the misery and against the poor living conditions imposed on the exploited of our country by the big capitalists that control the government.

This being the case, if the ideology of the big capitalists continues to dominate France under whatever guise, for example, if the attitude of the majority of the poor consists of waiting for a “charismatic leader,” then such a Yellow Vest movement could lead to the seizure of power by a faction of Nazi-fascists who would simply renew the dictatorship of the big capitalists.

For those of us who work in the Pôle de Renaissance Communiste (PRCF) for the unity of communists, it is important to enter into the action in the streets and invest it with our traditions of the unity of working men and women in the political struggle on behalf of their own interests. Let’s  remember that these traditions  saved France from fascism between 1930 and 1934, and they permitted our people to participate in the victory against fascism in 1945.

We do not forget that the Communists are with the people and always act for the people. The movement for communist renewal for which we struggle is a movement of the culture of working men and women, a culture that gives the exploited the capacity to find the ways and means to realize their vital demands by breaking the straitjacket of capitalist exploitation.

Translation by Roger Keeran