1. Two days before the deadline, in a mixture of propaganda and semi-theatrical simulation — a true deceit — a secret ceremony was held on June 28, in a building surrounded by American tanks, to formally transfer "sovereignty" to Iraq. The event was publicly announced only after its end and after American ambassador Paul Bremer took off in a military C-130 aircraft destined to the United States, a result of the fear Americans and their Iraqi employees have of the Iraqi people's national and patriotic resistance.

2. The play-acting took place in Baghdad as the Bush administration, already isolated in the world, is questioned in its own country due to the adventure in Iraq in a moment when reelection is aimed at in November. Recent public opinion polls made in the United States have shown the Americans' disapproval of Bush's policy regarding Iraq, which is abominable in all aspects. 15 months after the invasion, more than 600 American soldiers were killed since combats officially ended. An average of 40 attacks against occupation troops are registered every day. For the Iraqi people, the situation is dramatic: child mortality doubled as compared to the time before invasion; 40% of the population have no access to potable water; the country — the third greatest oil reserve in the world — now imports combustible; 7 thousand schools were destroyed.

3. The "new Iraqi government", headed by a former CIA operative, Ivad Allawi, and formed by all kinds of traitors and mercenaries that constituted the "Iraqi Governing Council" chosen by the occupation troops, will be supervised by new American ambassador, John Negroponte, who specialized in dirty wars in Latin America during the 80's. It is a puppet government that deserves the condemnation of patriotic forces. Under the cover of "democracy", it prepares repressive measures against the resistance. "Sovereignty", on the other hand, is fictitious. It will serve foreign monopolies as it paves the way to the privatization of oil, gas, electricity, telecommunications and transportation sectors, which are still controlled by the State.

4. The deceit of "sovereignty" is also made evident by the fact that Iraq is still being occupied by troops commanded by the United States — 160 thousand soldiers — who will stay in the country for as long as the aggressors see fit.

5. The Communist Party of Brazil joins the voices of Iraqi patriots, who fight against the occupation of their country, and anti-imperialist forces from every corner of the world that demand the immediate withdrawal of the aggression troops and fight for peace, against the belligerent policy of the United States' imperialism.

São Paulo, June 29, 2004
The Central Committee's Secretariat – PCdoB