July  31, 2017

Message from the Network in Defense of Humanity to the Heroic Bolivarian People of Venezuela

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity want to congratulate the Venezuelan people for the lesson in democracy they gave during the vote for the National Constituent Assembly yesterday.

Despite the attempts by the national and international right to generate hate and terror to prevent, through fear, the democratic right to vote, the people went out to the streets to say no to violence and yes to a National Constituent Assembly. They regarded this as a tool for peace – a way of strengthening participatory democracy and to constitutionalize the progress that has been achieved.

Special mention needs to be made about the obscene imperial interference in this process (as acknowledged by the CIA itself without even blushing) and the amplification, and legitimization of violence that the transnational corporations disseminated with impunity.

We not only recognize the results from the more than 8 million votes of the Venezuelan people, but we condemn any present or future intent to destabilize the legitimate Government headed by Nicolas Maduro Moros, or the installation of the Constituent Assembly. We call on the people of the Americas to repudiate the complicity of the right wing Governments in the region with the government of the United States in its pro-coup and interventionist attempts against Venezuela.

We also say yes to the Constitutional Assembly as a way to deepen people’s power and social justice that the people of Venezuela inherited from Commander Hugo Chávez, who always fought for a Venezuela and Latin America more dignified and sovereign.

In this regard we stress the importance of knowing at this crucial time which is the right side of the struggle in Venezuela to be on – for us it is, and always will be, to confront imperialism and defend the political, economic and territorial sovereignty of Venezuela.

The Network in Defense of Humanity

In Our America, July 31st, 2017
Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity