We participants to the Balkan meeting of communist and workers’ parties hosted by KKE in Thessaloniki, September 15th vehemently protest the new treats by the government of the United States of America against the people and the national sovereignty of Cuba as stressed on many occasions by the Bush Administration.

Especially we condemn the measures by the "Commission for Assistance to a free Cuba" on the "urgency of working to ensure that the Castro regimen’s succession strategy does not succeed" as well as the statement by the US President that US "are actively working for change in Cuba, not simply waiting for change".

For all of us and our peoples hardly experienced already with the tragically consequences of the US and NATO bombings against Yugoslavia, with the continuous presence of the NATO occupation troupes, the CIA flights and the Balkan "Guantanajos" as well as with the effects of the capitalist restoration is not difficult to imagine the character of such measures and the "announced assistance".

We congratulate the Cuban people for their social achievements and the internationalist solidarity so clear demonstrated in many occasions and these days during the session of the non-aligned nations in Havana.

In front of the increasing threats against the Cuban people we demand the full respects of the sovereignty of Cuba, the lifting of the blockade and immediate stop of any provocations.

Furthermore we express our full support to the world wide campaign in solidarity with the Five Cuban patriots illegally detained in North American jails and demand their immediate release from prison.

Communist Party of Albania
Communist Party of Bulgaria
Party of the Bulgarian Communists
Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of Macedonia
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communist Party of Turkey
Party of Labour, [EMEP] Turkey