By the Communist Party of Britain
Editors’ note: it is difficult  in the US to get accurate information on what  is happening in the ferocious and complex struggle over “Brexit.” British conservatism (the Tory Party) and British social democracy (the Labour Party) are deeply split. One of the few consistent sources of Marxist analysis of  the reactionary class nature of the European Union (EU) and the democratic stakes in Britain leaving the EU  is the CP Britain. For more analysis, go to its website (<<>>)
Communists Condemn Saboteur MPs and Demand April 12 EU Exit.
April  2, 2019
Monday evening’s [April 1] votes in the House of Commons confirm that a substantial number of MPs remain determined to bind Britain as closely as possible to the EU and its rules and institutions if they cannot stop Brexit altogether.
These MPs show utter contempt for the EU referendum result – the biggest democratic vote on our history – and make a mockery of their past pledges to ‘honour’ the decision made by a clear majority of voters.
A majority of MPs have no genuine disagreement with the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement which ties Britain to the EU Single Market in most goods, keeps us permanently aligned with the EU Customs Union through the unnecessary Irish ‘backstop’, maintains EU Court of Justice sovereignty in large areas of economic and social policy and pledges to pay the EU at least £39bn in a bogus divorce settlement.
However, a substantial number of these are also holding out in the hope of locking Britain permanently into a customs union or overthrowing Brexit altogether in a second referendum that would exclude a real exit from the ballot paper.
Tragically, many of these would-be saboteurs are Labour MPs who put their loyalty to the EU above any loyalty to democracy, popular sovereignty and the Labour Party.
Many are opposed to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and have no concern that by painting Labour as an anti-Brexit party they are jeopardising the prospects of a left-led Labour government. Some openly support the possibility of an all-party ‘national government’
The priority now must be to allow Britain to exit the EU on April 12 on World Trade Organisation terms and secure an early General Election and a Labour victory.
That government would then be free to carry out Labour’s left and progressive policies, which include aid for manufacturing industry and mutually beneficial trade agreements with European and developing countries.
 From  21st Century Manifesto